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    2019 Harley-Davidson FLHTP
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    7 miles
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    Gruene Harley-Davidson

These specifications describe the mechanical and comfort requirements for the FLHTP Solo Law Enforcement Motorcycles which will be used by the [insert agency/department name].
All proposed FLHTP motorcycles to be in full compliance as follows:
A. Engine
Piston displacement of not less than 1868cc Milwaukee-Eight™ 114 cubic inch, pushrod-operated, overhead valves with hydraulic, self-adjusting lifters, four valves per cylinder and featuring EITMS (Engine Idle Temperature Management System), producing minimal vibration frequencies and magnitudes. Engine and transmission isolated from motorcycle frame utilizing a rubber mounting system.
• Powertrain deluxe chrome group designed for low maintenance; black powder coat finish on engine; chrome rocker boxes, timer cover, outer primary housing & transmission covers.
• Compression ratio: 10.5:1
• Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection System (ESPFI)
• Single Cam design
• Hydraulic Lifters requiring no maintenance service adjustments
• Air and Oil cooled
• Fan-assisted oil cooler
B. Clutch / Transmission
• Clutch shall be of the latest assist and slip ten (10) plate design, wet.
• Hydraulically Actuated Clutch system
• Transmission to be of latest design, manual type, with not less than six (6) forward speeds.
• Clutch disengage for starter motor operation
• Primary Drive, double-row chain, 34/46 ratio.
• Greaseless shifter shaft with “anti-vibration” rubber spacers.
• Gear Ratios: 1st 9.593
2nd 6.650
3rd 4.938
4th 4.000
5th 3.407
6th 2.875
C. Brakes
• Reflex™ Linked Braking with ABS, linking disengages below 25 mph
• Hydraulic Disc brakes for both front and rear wheels
• Front brakes having dual 11.81-inch diameter floating discs
• Rear brake having a single disc.
• Brakes shall be relatively free of heat fade
• Calipers-4 Piston
• Uniform Expanding Rear Rotor
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D. Suspension
Motorcycles shall be provided with a suspension system to permit optimum handling conditions as required in law enforcement.
• Front suspension uses Showa® Dual Bending Valve (SDBV™) technology and gives you 117 mm of travel; improved damping performance over the range of suspension travel
• Hand-adjustable emulsion rear shocks provide 15-30% more preload adjustment and adjust with the turn of a single knob, no tools required; improved damping performance over the range of suspension travel
• 49 mm telescopic front forks.
• Rear suspension swing arm bearings shall require no lubrication for life of the motorcycle.
E. Wheels / Tires
• Black Impeller™ Cast Aluminum wheels, rim material to be impermeable to compressed air.
• Tubeless type tires to have non-skid tread, designed to operate on paved highways and shall have a full, four-ply fabric reinforcement.
• Bead-retention tires designed to remain on wheel during sudden loss of pressure.
• Sealed automotive style wheel bearings requiring no endplay adjustment and service interval of 100,000 miles (160,000 km).
F. Fuel Tank
• Fuel tank to have a capacity of 6 U.S. gallons (22.71 liters). Must provide a minimum of 1 gallon
(3.8 L) reserve fuel capacity when main supply is exhausted.
• Electric fuel pump.
G. Electrical System
Electrical system shall be nominal 12-volt as follows:
• Battery. Sealed, heavy-duty maintenance-free, 12-volt, minimum rated capacity – 28 ampere hours (Battery Council International rating), 405 cold cranking amps.
• Ignition. Non-waste spark, alpha control.
• Charging System. Three-phase, 48-amp high output alternator producing 28 amps at idle, solid state regulator.
• Connectors. Industrial grade throughout, provided with electrical accessory connection.
• Hand Controls. Water-resistant, integrated switches.
• Starting System. 12-volt starter, solenoid operated engagement, relay required.
• Horn. Sound level audible above motorcycle and traffic-generated noise.
H. Lighting
Each motorcycle shall be provided with the following lighting equipment:
• Daymaker™ LED Headlight
• Front Emergency Lamps PAR-36, one red and one blue (incandescent).
• Tail light.
• Turn Signals, self-canceling system.
• Flashers, four-way, with independent switch.
• License plate lighting with two blue marker lamps.
I. Visual Displays
• Speedometer. Analog & Digital speedometer, range 0-120mph (or kph equivalent),
• (2) re-settable trip meters.
• Speed Capture with Digital Speed Display
• Gear Indicator
• Odometer. Calibrated, cumulative.
• Tachometer. Analog.
• Fuel level gauge.
• Voltmeter gauge
• Emergency Light Activation Indicators, separate indicators for front and rear emergency lights.
• Stealth Mode indicator-if activated
• Cruise Control indicator
• Sight glass on brake master cylinders.
• Fuel Mileage countdown till empty displayed in odometer window when Low fuel indicator lamp is lit.
• Turn Signal Indicators
• Hazard-Warning Lights Indicator
• Neutral Indicator
• High beam Indicator
• Low Oil pressure Indicator
• Engine diagnostic light
• ABS indicator lamp
• Security Lamp (if equipped with optional security system)
J. Feature Requirements
• Seat. Deluxe solo saddle, special police type, breathable material covering, adjustable coil over spring suspension system.
• Heated Grips-OE standard
• Cruise Control-OE standard
• Stealth Mode-optional activation
• Push to Talk Switch-requires other police radio equipment not supplied by H-D
• Power ON for emergency equipment for 30 minutes with ignition OFF
• Analog and Digital Speed Display with Speed Capture feature
• Gear Indicator
• Side Stand. Jiffy stand with electronic disengage to prevent drive off with jiffy stand deployed.
• Foot Boards. pivoting type with non-skid rubber pads.
• Guards. Front engine guard bar and rear saddlebag guard bars. *Horizontal Saddlebag Rails-Optional*
• Saddlebags. Factory installed, law enforcement type Injection Molded GTX saddlebags, approximately 2000 cubic inches of storage space per bag, water-resistant, utilizing one touch operation latches.
• Final belt drive, with a rubber isolated 68 tooth rear drive sprocket.
• Chrome, two into one into two exhaust system
• Windshield. Constructed of clear polycarbonate, designed to break away with minimal force.
• Mirrors. Two (2) long stem true image mirrors.
• Key. One key fits all locks.
• Wheelbase. 64 inches (1625 mm).
• Laden Seat Height. 27.3 inches (695 mm)
• Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. 1360 lbs. (617 kg.)
• Dry Weight. 809 lbs. (365 kg.)
• Running Order. 844 lbs. (382 kg.)
• Service Intervals. 1st 1000 miles and then every 5000 miles thereafter.
• Warranty. 24 months, unlimited mileage.
**Specifications apply for both Domestic and California Configurations.

Gruene Harley-Davidson
1288 Loop 337
New Braunfels TX